Arctic Advisor / Ice Pilot

Bob can act as Arctic Advisor / Ice Pilot to sailing and climbing expeditions, especially on the west coast of Greenland and the east coast of arctic Canada.He also has Antarctic experience and can help with yachts there.

In 2012 Bob sailed his GRP boat throught the North West Passage, east to west, and back again west to east in 2013. He is qualified to act as an ice pilot for this passage.

For example, High Latitudes employed Bob as Arctic Advisor on 'Billy Budd', a 72ft Oyster Marine yacht, in Greenland and the east coast of arctic Canada. Click here to read an expedition report.Again in 2011 he was a watch-keeper/Ice Pilot on the new BillyBudd (112ft) Super-Yacht.

Bob Shepton is a highly experienced Arctic explorer who has led several Sailing and Climbing Expeditions to Greenland and Arctic Canada in his yacht, the Westerly 33 ft sloop 'Dodo's Delight'. In 2012 Bob sailed his boat through the North West Passage, and could act as Ice pilot

Skippering & Deliveries

In 2003 he skippered 'Palandra', from Cape Canaveral, USA to Scotland with the owner and his relations on board. Click here to read the article for the Ocean Cruising Club. In 2006 he acted as Mate for a friend/owner in his 47ft 'Billy Ruffin' from Costa Rica to Hawaii to Alaska.

In 2007 he helped deliver a Stormforce 11m RIB very fast up the coast of Norway from Bergen to Trondheim with the owner. In 2008 he skippered and delivered a Swan 40 'Estrella del Sur' from Flensburg to Antwerp and from Curacao to Lima, Peru via Panama and Ecuador.

The owner was on board from Curacao to Panama. In 2009 Bob skippered 'Bold Explorer' with paying clients on board from Dartmouth, England to Las Palmas, Canaries.