21a ice floe threatening in Tasmanian IslandsIce floes threatening in NW Passage 2013 22bApproaching big iceberg with caution 32 blocked in at Fort Ross by ice in Prince Regent InletBlocked by ice in Prince Regent Inlet, NWP 39c Sortehul anchorage discovered and submitted to PilotFavourite anchorage, Sortehul, Greenland Acores-30Azores 2008, at our painting on the wall AntarcticIn Stellar Creek Antarctica awards'Overnight’ camp, Bylot Island traverse bayDorian Bay, Antarctica BillyBuddBilly Budd by Ilulissat, Greenland BillyRuffinBilly Ruffin, Prince William Sound, Alaska blackbearBlack bear, Prince William Sound blue skyPacific sailing BobBob, on a summit Northumberland Island bob3Boulder fields, Greenland channelNarrow exit, Lemaire Channel, Antarctica Courmayeur jam stage russianJam’ session, Wild Bunch, at Piolets d’Or, Courmayeur DDThroughIcebergDodo’s Delight through iceberg Dodo in pack ice 2006DD caught in pack ice, Bylot Island Dodo2DD preparing to land climbers, Akuliarusinguaq DodosDelightWinter came early to Aasiaat, Greenland, 2009 DodosDelight2Preparing to winter alone, Greenland 2004/5 DSC_0116Climbing Impossible Wall from the boat 2012 DSC_0166Favourite anchorage, Sortehul DSC_0275With crew of Nordwind, Fort Ross, 2012 DSCF0043DD by big iceberg, Greenland Easter1Vanuatu Easter2The Moais ‘factory’ Easter Island Greenland 2010Bob on ‘Never Again!’ Greenland 2010 haulBob on the Tilman’s Bylot Island traverse HerbertEarly dawn approaching Herbert Island, Greenland hilltopCristina and Bob on top, Devil’s Thumb iceWintering in Greenland 2005 IngiaWaiting for climbers, Greenland It was cold in the North West Passage in 2013It was cold in the North West Passage in 2013 mariaCristina and Bob, Devil’s Thumb, Greenland NorthumberlandStill life, Northumberland Island, Greenland Northumberland2Favourite anchorage, Northumberland Island, far north ownersWith Scott, owner, and Heather, on Billy Ruffin Piolet d'Or  russianPiolets d’Or presentation, Chamonix Point900Ascending Pt 900, Northumberland Island polarbearPolar bear, Devon Island, Canada Qualifications‘That way’, Northumberland Island scotlandOn our mooring, Scotland sealLeopard seal after its breakfast, Antarctica shoreSortehul again SpiritofLyngenSpirit of Lyngen on west coast Norway tashPolly Murray on their 30k traverse of Herbert Island wallDD surveying big wall, Sandersons Hope, Greenland walrusWalrus, Devon Island, Canada walrus2The rocks moved’; Walrus Devon Island warm weatherpleasant sailing in The Pacific waveCape Horn can be stormy free web photo album templatesby v5.7


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