Addicted to More Adventure

Risk is Good, Enjoy it!

By Bob Shepton, Yachtsman of the Year, 2013
Paperback: 265 pages
ISBN-13: 979-8521256938
RRP £15.00

This book is a sequel to the first Addicted to Adventure. The adventures here are more varied, in time as well as place and content. There are many diverse adventures involving sailing and climbing in different places around the world. It shows there has been life after, and also before the first Addicted. There are tales of derring-do, there are tales of delivering boats to outlandish places in the world, tales even of sailing the shores of Britain, and of bouncing around in Norway.

The stories are adventures in their own right, each with their own challenges. They stretch from the Arctic to the Antarctic with plenty in between and are illustrated with graphic pictures and maps. Some people have already said they think it is better than the first Addicted!

Forewords by Jimmy Cornell and Lin Pardey set the scene, whilst Ellen Massey Leonard provides a thought-provoking 'Afterword' to sum things up. You will be amused, you may be impressed, occasionally you may even be frightened. But, above all you will enjoy an exciting read. And who knows, you may become a little less risk-averse yourself after reading this book.

"This is another inspiring book by the indefatigable Bob Shepton, a worthy sequel to his Addicted to Adventure... Bob, please don't stop."
- Jimmy Cornell, Circumnavigator, Author of World Cruising Routes

"There are so many lessons to be learnt by reading Bob Shepton's voyaging and adventuring stories... And you will definitely need a sense of humour."
- Lin Pardey, Author of Storm Tactics and Self-Sufficient Sailor.

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High Latitude Sailing

Self-sufficient Sailing Techniques for Cold Waters and Winter Seasons

By Jon Amtrup and Bob Shepton
Hardcover: 208 pages
ISBN: 978-1472973276
RRP £25

This is a manual I co-wrote with Jon Amtrup from Norway, to help any sailing in the Arctic or Antarctic. High Latitude Sailing is not just advice won by hard experience; it also contains stories. I have always been grateful to the publishers Adlard Coles for making such a splendid job of the pictures, some of which are stunning.

"Jon Amtrup advises on preparing yourself, your boat, equipment, safety. Bob Shepton's photos make one gasp with their grandeur and austere beauty. An informative and beautiful book."
- Yachting Monthly

"This book is an inspiring read and extremely interesting even if you are simply dreaming of heading to the great polar wastelands rather. If you are actually planning on going there, then this guide is absolutely invaluable."
- Sailing Today

The book is available at:

Addicted to Adventure

Between Rocks and Cold Places

By Bob Shepton, Yachtsman of the Year, 2013
Hardcover: 224 pages
ISBN: 978-1472905871
RRP £10.99

Addicted to Adventure has been selling well over the years. The book contains many and varied adventures round the world. Amongst other things, it is an attempt to answer the inevitable question, 'Why do you do these things?!'

You should really read this before or in conjunction with Addicted to More Adventure.

"This is the uniquely interesting and colourful life of a Anglican clergyman turned adventurer. A wonderful true tale of adventure with a wide variety of people of all ages, in different parts of the world and over many years, stretching from the days of the British Empire to the present. A truly interesting book, which I definitely recommend."
- Sir Ranulph Fiennes

"You are going to enjoy this: a life, of adventure - surviving the war years on the far side of the world, sailing, climbing, ski mountaineering, in many different parts of the world. It is inspiring that a Reverend should stick his neck out in this way - battling Atlantic storms, losing a mast in Antarctica, sailing continually in the Arctic, making the first ascents of mountains, skiing across remote regions, climbing with world class climbers, and sailing through the North-West Passage. As a Commando, Bob is clearly made of the right stuff!"
- Bear Grylls

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